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Even though Apple has the perfect reputation and is completely trustworthy, the question of Mac versus Windows PC may pop up in your head. Even a majority of Google searches will prove that most are in favor of Mac because of the several benefits it offers a user. If you are still debating whether or not you should buy a Mac, let the reasons below refresh your memory:

  1. Reliable

If there is one major plus point to owning a Mac, it is the fact that you can totally rely on it. In case of any virus, you can be sure that your safe working on your Mac. Of course Mac does not provide a hundred percent protection against a virus but it greatly reduces the chance of it occurring. Additionally Mac can reboot quickly, hardly ever crashes and is easy to work on.

  1. Easy Selection

In case of Mac, the choices are not vast. This choice limitation actually proves favorable while making a decision to buy a Mac. It is easier and faster to zero in on buying a Mac that meets your purpose and there is the added advantage of being assured that you own a trusted product.

  1. Customer Support

Apple has never failed when to comes down to customer satisfaction. The customer support that Apple provides its customers with it noteworthy. Most Mac products will come with a one year warranty plus a ninety day phone support that’s complimentary. The Genius Bar at the Apple retail stores only make you fan of Apple’s customer support efforts.

  1. Quality and Style

Not enough can be said about Apple’s quality products that have satisfied customers around the world. And very rare is it for a product of superior quality to meet superior style. But this is what Apple is all about. Not only will you own a super stylish product, but you are guaranteed a high quality product as well.

  1. Reliability

When it comes to reliability, the Apple Mac clearly has some advantages. First it is build on a Unix style BSD core Kernel which is known for it’s reliability and ruggedness. It also uses the HFS + file system which can provide greater data redundancy and file recovery capability from it’s journal logs if corruptions occur.


Since Mac products are priced above average, the general notion is that it is too expensive and you are better off buying a Windows PC from the several brands available. However in the long run, it is the Mac that actually retains its value compared to a Windows PC that will have a very low resale value, if any.


These reasons put together point out one very obvious fact: Mac will prove to be your best buy. Depending on your requirements and budget, you can make an easy decision buying the Mac that suits your needs. And one thing is for sure, buying a Mac will be one decision that you will never regret.

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The differences between Microsoft Windows and Windows Server

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The differencees between Microsoft Windows and Windows Server


Windows server is a name that Is used to refer to a group of particular server operating systems. These operating systems are produced by Microsoft and are meant to be released under the Microsoft 2003 Brand Name. However, the initial edition of the server was the Windows NT 3.1 Advanced server. Furthermore, various versions of the Windows server have specialized names. For instance, all editions of the Windows Server are designed with storage versions for users. I

n most cases, the primary function of Windows server operating system is that it acts as a platform for cloud computing services. By dividing the control and maintenance activities of the server to cloud computing companies such as Amazon Web Services, users get the advantage of paying monthly prices based on use rather than a fixed amount. Besides that, the Microsoft Infrastructure tends to be more reliable and simple to use. It’s important to note that purchasing and operating a server may be a better choice in some cases due to its affordability.

Microsoft Windows

This refers to a group of graphical operating systems that are produced and sold by Microsoft Company. More so, these softwares are available in different versions, each of which rare designed to suit the needs of a particular computing platform. Some of the prevalent Windows versions that are available out there in the consumer market include Windows NT, Windows 9x and Windows Mobile among various other options.

Main differences

Windows Server provides more memory

The first main difference between Windows Server and Microsoft Windows is the average amount that each can support at any one time. The desktop running the Windows 10 Enterprise comes with a 4GB memory limit on the X86 version along with an outstanding 2000GB limit on the X64 version. In most cases, these particular storage metric vary with regards to the server version and users can gain access to the specific limitations on your chosen operating system on the Microsoft Developer website.

Windows server is more CPU efficient

In most cases, the server OS much more effective at utilizing computing resources as when compared to desktop operating systems. In particular, the CPU is managed effectively, thereby mitigating the effects of bottlenecks that can occur in a significant portion of operating system complications.

More network connections on Windows servers

The desktop edition of Windows often allows for a limited number of 10-20 units. The windows server is not limited to just 20 network connections. Therefore Windows server can be used to support well over 20 network connections. It’s important to note that the number of devices supported is influenced by the capabilities of your hardware.

The Windows server OS is customized for background applications

The standard strategy for most versions of Microsoft Windows server is customized to provide more privileges to background processes and applications. On the other hand, the desktop versions of the software are more focused on the foreground applications. Whereas one may be able to change the privileges, the Windows Desktop version will not produce similar performance results.



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Reasons to Call a Computer Repair Expert

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There are many reasons why you might need the help of a computer repair expert sooner or later. Programming redesigns are required to run the most recent applications, and you may need an expert that can handle the matter of overhauls for you. Cooling fans, LEDs, consoles, mouse, DVD and USB port, and so forth glitch and fall apart over the time. Subsequently, a repair administration would supplant these equipment types of gear. For instance, if your cooling fan is not working, then that would bring about over-warming.

Main Reasons to Call a Computer Repair Expert

Over-warming can decimate your PC. Individuals regularly utilize their PCs while eating and drinking. We could spill some nourishment as no one is perfectly immaculate and missteps are a piece of the human instinct. Sticky substances like fluids and so on stick to the console and degenerate the mouse. Purging is required so that the issue doesn’t extend and influence the entire PC. On occasion, we drop our portable workstations and the screen splits. Try not to stress as they can be settled as new show screens are accessible in the market and have the capacity to work splendidly.

download-2Inner issues and web issues are also some of the more common reasons why you might require the help of a computer repair expert. Some of the time the tablet can’t get reception and can’t distinguish the phone wire through the port. In spite of the fact that such issues are hard to handle, with the right help from the right expert, you would have no problem handling it. A few PCs can’t work with different gadgets, for example, USBs, Scanners, printers and so on. The PC can’t convey and incorporate with various gadget frameworks. Like every single other issue, this can be assisted as well in case you have a computer repair expert on speed dial.


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Fast and Basic Computer Repair

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You might not realize it, but there are some different types of computer repairexperts out there. For example, there are the fast in and out specialists. These are ordinarily the PC repair administrations you find inside vast stores. Much of the time, these are sales representatives who have been prepared to play out a modest bunch of simple specialized assignments, including wiping a machine and reloading it.

The Role of Fast and Basic Computer Repair


Ideally, on the off chance that they are doing things effectively, they recall to back up your information before they do this, however, there are stories that could be heard again and again from when they forgot or did not bother with this progression and basic records, photographs, and information is lost until the end of time. Truly, there is some legitimacy in the fast in and out away to deal with PC repair. It’s simple. You needn’t bother with a costly, very experienced expert to do it, so in principle, your expenses ought to be lower. It’s additionally unsurprising.

The result is the same without fail. This is the one strategy that is essentially ensured to handle all infection, spyware, information debasement, and other programming based issues. The drawback is that somebody, regularly the client, must reinstall each one of their applications once more, in cimages-3ase their information was backed up legitimately, and by and large invest an abundant excess energy attempting to get things back to the way they were before the repair. Be that as it may, being simple and unsurprising, you can comprehend why numerous substantial retail establishments go for this computer repair method. On the other hand, in case you do not wish for all the data on your computer to be erased, chances are this method of computer repair is not for you. You should contact a true expert.


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Moderate Computer Repair Experts

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In case you are in need of a computer repair expert you can hire to handle the problem influencing your computer for you, then you should consider the different types available and pick the best one for you.A common typeis the PC repair specialists who have some IT encounter, however not as much as they ought to on the off chance that will advertise themselves as an expert PC repair specialist.There is a major market out there for this type on the grounds that in all actuality, about a large portion of what computer repair experts do is generally simple and frequently the same, which is to run an infection examination, evaluate what is found, reboot, test, and proceed onward.

The Role of Moderate Computer Repair Experts

This type of computer repair specialist resembles propelled PC clients. They know a few sections of the PC all around, yet as a rule have a few crevices in their insight, like perhaps they’re extraordinary with programming, not all that great with equipment, or possibly they comprehend arrangements fine and dandy yet aren’t extremely alright with servers. They can for the most part work through most PC repair circumstances and get an agreeable result, in the long run.

images-4It might take them eight hours of work to achieve what should be possible in two, or they may end up with a truly convoluted workaround in light of the fact that they didn’t generally comprehend something the server is doing. They are likewise prone to experience the ill effects of where they burn through two days taking a shot at an answer then just charge you for twohours since they know they ought to have known how to settle it speedier. All in all, they can be a moderate choice, but you can also hire an expert that truly knows what they are doing in case time is of the essence.

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